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Casper Marathon
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 Awards/Volunteer Support

     Dianna Steinberg

 Website/Timing Support/

 Start & Finish Line Design 

     Lee Wood

 Start and Finish Line Set  Up/Volunteer Support

     Todd Sexton

 Advertising / Facebook

     Marlene Short

Audio Coordinator /

 Start and Finish Line Set Up

     Mike McLemore

Course Logistics and Set Up 

     Dan Tholson

Volunteer Coordinator: 

     Lisa Sexton

Treasurer and Bling Coordinator: 

    Doreen Ramirez

Race Directors:

    Eric and Dawn Easton

We are runners and volunteers dedicated to making the Casper Marathon a fun and exciting experience for all participants, sponsors and spectators.

Most of the committee members have been or are still involved with Casper's local running club Casper's 'Windy City Striders'.

​The majority of us have run Marathons, Half Marathons, 10K's, as well
as many a 5K race. We run sub 3 hour marathons, plus 5 hour
marathons, and everything in
between. We have logged thousands of miles and have participated in races, large to small.



 To offer a fun, friendly, enjoyable  Marathon experience. 

 We strive to provide a well

 organized event that offers

 many of the amenities of larger  marathons but without the crowds.