Casper Marathon





 To offer a fun, friendly, enjoyable  Marathon experience. 

 We strive to provide a well

 organized event that offers

 many of the amenities of larger  marathons but without the crowds.


We are runners and volunteers dedicated to making the 12th Annual Casper Marathon a fun and exciting experience for all participants, sponsors and spectators.

Most of the committee members have been or are still involved with Casper's local running club Casper's 'Windy City Striders'.
The 'Striders'
are still running strong after 35+ years.

​The majority of us have run Marathons, Half Marathons, 10K's, as well as many a 5K race. We run sub 3 hour marathons, plus 5 hour marathons, and everything in
between. We have logged thousands of miles and have participated in races, large to small.

Race Directors:

    Eric and Dawn Easton

Treasurer and Bling Coordinator: 

    Doreen Ramirez

Volunteer Coordinator: 

    Lisa Sexton

Course Logistics and Set Up 

     Dan Tholson

Audio Coordinator /

 Start and Finish Line Set Up

     Mike McLemore

 Advertising / Facebook

     Marlene Short

 Start and Finish Line Set Up

     Todd Sexton

 Website/Timing Support/

 Start & Finish Line Design 

     Lee Wood

 Awards/Volunteer Support

     Dianna Steinberg

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