Casper Marathon
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What kind of weather can I expect? The average high in early June ranges between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low in the low to mid 40's. Due to the 6:00 a.m. start time you should anticipate your 'average marathon temperature' to be in the lower range, from 40 to 55 for example. It is Casper so wind in always a possibility but typically there is very little precipitation. Mother nature has proven unpredictable in the past.

How many Aid stations are there? Aid stations will be approximately every 2 miles. Due to the out and back and loop course types you will use many Aid stations twice, 'coming' and 'going'. Fruit and GU will be available early in the run at various stations and all aid stations will offer water and sports drink. There will also be Porta~Potties out on the course. (See Course Page for locations of Aid Stations for 2018)

Are there any big hills in the course? You will encounter some rolling hills on the top part of the course
and a fairly large downhill as you make your way to pick up the Platte River Parkway trail. The paved trail will offer
some rolling hills but a very scenic and quiet run mostly along the Platte River. However one person's mole hill is another's mountain, come check it out and decide for yourself. (Elevation Chart on 'Course' page)

Is there any free transportation from my hotel? Yes, we have arranged for free shuttle bus service from the
HOST HOTEL to the start line beginning at 4:45 a.m.

Where can I park? Free parking is available near the start line at the Casper Events Center. (Remember there is no transportation provided back to the Event Center after the race)

What happens if it is raining? Obviously all the races will go on but if the weather is inclement, we will use the indoor facilities at the
HOST HOTEL if possible. There will be a food and common tented area if necessary. Awards Ceremony would be held under the Gazebo. Announcement will be made at finish area if we need to alter anything due to weather.

If I registered for the Marathon can I switch to the Half Marathon when I reach that half marathon turnaround point? Unfortunately no, due to the course and the chip timing system is not conducive to changing at the half marathon point.

When will race results be available? Race results will be posted periodically and updated at the finish area and a link will be available on the website on Monday Morning after the race. Results are also sent to local media and newspapers and will be sent to Marathon Guide and Runners World.

What wildlife might I see during the race? Pronghorn Antelope (caution they like to run too), Mule Deer, Jackrabbits, Canadian Geese, Hawks or Eagles. Please let us know if you see any Jackalopes along the way.

I still have a question, can you help? No problem, just email Marlene Short @ Race Director

Rock outcrop near Bridle trail on CasperMountain.

City of Casper in background.



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