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 marathon COURSE

Event Course Information

General Info - Course Type: Loop, Out & Back
Surface: 90% Asphalt, 10% Concrete
> Elevation at Start: 5,310 feet
> Elevation at Finish: 5,187 feet
> Aid Stations: Approximately every two miles:
(GU, Water, Gatorade and First Aid Supplies Available)
> Marathon / Marathon Relay Start Time:
6:00 a.m. MDT, (Casper Events Center)
> Half Marathon Start Time:
6:15 a.m. MDT, (Casper Events Center)
​> Medical Support Personnel:
​ Finish line and on course patrols

> ALL Aid Stations: Close at 1:00 p.m.

> Time Limit: 6 hours (13 minute 45 second pace

HAlf Marathon

Below you will find an elevation chart (in feet) by mile, overview maps and descriptions
for the Casper Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay Courses.
All races start at the Casper Events Center and finish at the (LOCATION PENDING)
​with the majority of the race following the Platte River Trails System.

Casper Marathon

 marathon relay 



 to the

***Finish line within walking distance of Host Hotels***


Aid Station #1 = East Road / Amoco Road Aid Station #1 and Bathrooms (Mile 1.45) (Runners pass by this Aid Station twice)

Aid Station #2 = N. Poplar/ Events Drive Aid Station #2 (Mile 3)

Aid Station #3 = Amoco Rd/Bryan Stock Trail Road Aid Station #3 (Mile 5.45)

Aid Station #4 = Platte River Trails / Soccer Field Aid Station#4 and Bathrooms (Mile 6.60)

Aid Station #5 = Crossroads Aid Station #5 and Bathrooms (Mile 8.50)

Aid Station #6 = David Street Station Aid Station Available #6 (Mile 10.25)

Aid Station #7 = Racca’s / S. Ash Street Aid Station #7 with Restrooms (Mile 11)

Aid Station #8 = King Blvd/13th St. Aid Station #8 (Mile 12.60) (Full Marathon Runners pass by this Aid Station twice)

Aid Station #9 = 1st Street Mills Aid Stations #9 and Bathrooms (15.85) (Full Marathon Runners pass by this Aid Station twice)

Aid Station #10 = Morad Park Aid Station #10 and Bathrooms (Mile 18)

Aid Station #11 = PV Aid Station #11 and Bathrooms (Mile 19.35)

Aid Station #12 = Pumphouse Aid Station #12 and Restrooms (Mile 23.5)

                                         Casper Marathon Half, Full and Relay Course Description

The Casper Marathon course starts at the Casper Events Center. The Events Center is on the bluff above the Platte River and the City of Casper.

A large indoor space is available for warm up. We provide pre-race water, Coffee, Gatorade, food and restrooms.   North Platte Physical Therapy is on hand to provide pre-race massages.

The Casper Events Center has ample parking and is available for marathon runners or for Intrepid Souls wanting a warm up walk.
Mike Lansing field and Crossroads Park will be at the finish line of the marathon and is located a half of a mile below The Casper Events Center.

 A shuttle bus will run between the Events Center and The Host Hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) before the Marathon. The bus will leave the hotel starting and 4:45 AM and will make a continuous loop with the last bus leaving at 5:45AM.   The Marathon and Marathon Relay Starts at 6:00 AM – So if you take the last bus you might be late for the start.

The starting line is located at the entrance road near the statue of City namesake Casper Collins, the US Cavalry officer killed in an Indian battle May 1865. The route then turns right and proceeds along Events Drive then turns left (North) onto East Road. The course passes the model Air Facility and the Casper Speedway, two of the city of Casper’s recreational facilities in the area. Watch for Antelope herds in the area.  

Runners will turn left (West) on Amoco Rd past the East Road / Amoco Road Aid Station #1. Mile 1.45 Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided.   Outdoor Restrooms are also located at this aid station.   (Runners will be going by this aid station twice).  

After turning Left (West) on Amoco Road, runners will be greeted with a straight stretch of road with a slight uphill grade.    To the north of this is Soda Lake, originally an Oil Refinery Wastewater Site, which is now a bird sanctuary.

The next left puts you on N. Poplar St. Continue to the N. Poplar/ Events Drive Aid Station #2. Mile 3.05) Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided.

Runners will pass back by the Events Center on Events Drive to East Road again passing by the Amoco Road Aid Station #1    

At this point, Runners will turn Right (East) on Amoco Road onto a rolling stretch (slightly Uphill) section of the course.  Following Amoco Road to the end, runners are greeted by Aid Station #3.  Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided. Mile 5.45 

After this aid station, runners will turn right onto Bryan Stock Trail Road , now traveling south down Bryan Stock Trail Road . The view of the South is of Casper Mountain, with an elevation of 8200 feet. The mountain is a recreational gem for the city of Casper, with downhill and cross-country skiing facilities in the winter and mountain biking and running trails, picnic and camping for all in the summer.

This Section of the path drops 120ft to the Platte River and the Platte River Trails / Soccer Field Aid Station#4.     Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided.   Outdoor Restrooms are also located at this aid station. Mile 6.5 This is also Relay Exchange Point 1.

With the exception of a part of the route that goes through down town Casper, the remainder of the marathon follows the Platte River trails operated by the Platte River Trails Trust, and the recreational Trails on the Platte River Commons.  The Platte River Trails, extending from one end our town to the other, are used year round by our local running community and running Clubs. 

The softball field bridge is at mile marker 7 and is a scenic Platte River Crossing of the Casper Marathon.   The next mile-and-a-half threads you through Crossroads Park, containing Oregon Trail wagon ruts that are still visible in the Park area.

Aid Station #5 is at the Crossroads Aid Station. Mile 8.5   Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided.   Outdoor Restrooms are also located at this aid station.   (This is also where runners will return to the finish line at – so you will see us making preparations for your return.)

The trail passes behind the Outfield fence of the Mike Lansing ballfield, Home of the Casper Horseheads baseball team.

Just after mile marker 9, runners will loop beneath the interstate, along the Platte River. The course parallels the Platte River and passes several boat launching areas and the Old Town miniature golf course at mile 9.25. This leads to another crossing of the Platte River under the 1st Street Overpass.  Flaggers will provide direction for the runners to loop up onto 1st Street, at mile 9.85.

Looping up from 1st Street, you will turn right along 1st Street (east) Mile 10.

On Nichols Street by US Bank, runners will turn right (South) onto Nichols Street which Turns into West 2nd Street. At the corner of W. 2nd Street and S. Elm Street you will take a right, heading towards downtown on S.Elm Street. Continuing into the downtown area, up a small hill you will arrive at W. Yellowstone Highway. This area is called the Old Yellowstone District - a redevelopment area adjacent to the downtown core. From Elm Street turning left onto West Yellowstone Highway, you are now in the heart of the Yellowstone District.

At Mile 10.25, you will reach the David Street Station, home to Aid Station #6 .  Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided. 

David Street station’s main features are the large performance stage, lawn seating, and ice rink, splash pad and an area to hold local events such as Farmers Markets, Concerts and Community fundraising events.

At the intersection of West Yellowstone Highway and South David Street, West Yellowstone

Highway transforms into East 2nd Street. Now continuing on East 2nd Street towards the east of

Casper you will be approaching the downtown area. Downtown Casper area is where Runners’ can find buildings much as they were when first built in the early 1900s and 1920s and while it shows Casper's historical place in time it also reflects its beauty.

Continuing East on E. 2nd Street you will curve through the downtown business area, past amazing architecture, local artist statues and many inviting businesses. Approaching the Natrona County Library at the corner of East 2nd Street and South Durbin Street, runners will now turn right and head south to the Casper's Rail to Trails pathway.

Turning right on the Casper’s Rails-to-Trails pathway you will head west to S. Ash Street by Racca's Pizzeria, where the half marathon runners will turn around. Runners will be greeted by Aid Station #7  Mile 11, and live music provided by one of our local bands, Kings of November.   Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided.   Outdoor Restrooms are also located at this aid station.  

Full Marathon Runners and Relay Runners will stay on the Rails to Trails path, past Racca's Pizzeria and will circle around on the path to W. Midwest Avenue. Turning left and heading west on W. Midwest Avenue you will continue West on W. Midwest Avenue to S. Poplar St.

Runners will be crossing S. Poplar Street onto King Boulevard. Immediately after Crossing

King Boulevard runners will veer onto the path to the south (runners Left) of the road. This will put you on Three Crowns Trail.  Relay Exchange Point #2 is located here at Mile 12 by the Three Crowns Maintenance Shed.  While on Three Crowns Trail, you will take your first left and follow the path completely around Three Crowns Golf Course.  Three crowns Golf Course is the former site of Amoco oil refinery, which operated from 1910 to 1990. It has been redeveloped into the Platte River Commons Business Park and Golf Course.  Following the Three Crowns Trail pathway, runners will first follow the Three Crowns Trail around towards the South and then to the West.  As Runners approach King Boulevard and 13th Avenue they will be greeted by Aid Station #8, Mile 15.15   Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided.  

Turning right at the Aid Station #8 and continuing on the path around the Three Crowns Golf Course and turning right, At Kings Boulevard and Poplar, continuing on the path around the Three Crowns Golf Course.     Runners will again pass by Aid Station #8.   Shortly after passing this aid station a second time, Runners will turn left to cross the trails bridge over the North Platte River.  (Flaggers will be at this location to indicate the turning point)

At the Platte River Parkway path and 1st Street in Mills at Mile 15.75 runners will be greeted by Aid Station #9.  Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided.   Outdoor Restrooms are also located at this aid station.

Runners will turn left, and travel past the park at the Mills Water Authority on the Platte River Parkway path. Runners will follow around on the Platte River Parkway path following along the Platte River to 1st Street and SW Wyoming Boulevard and the Platte River Parkway path located behind the Westech plant, a manufacturer of large buckets used for haul trucks in coal mining operations.

Runners will take an abrupt Left at Mile 16.65 (heading south) onto Southwest Wyoming Boulevard crossing the bridge over the Platte River and pick up the Platte River Parkway path again immediately south of the bridge.  The route continues on the Platte River Parkway path loop around to the east and goes through the tunnel underneath SW Wyoming Boulevard into the Fort Caspar Park area.

Fort Caspar Park is a city operated Museum containing a wealth of information about the history of Casper, including the Military and Immigrant Trails. The pedestrian underpass was constructed in recent years which has provided a traffic-free Crossing of Wyoming Boulevard into the park area.

Runners will continue south along the North Platte River into Morad Park.  Runners will stay to the right  (staying along the river) where they will be greeted by Aid Station #10. Mile 18.   This is also Relay Exchange Point #3. Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided.   Outdoor Restrooms are also located at this aid station.   

Please take Caution  - this is Casper's local dog park where dogs are allowed to run free off leash.  Although we advise our community through various social media avenues – caution is still advised.

 The trail continues through Audubon Park, past Game and Fish Headquarters and the BLM offices. The trail leaves the river and goes up a short, but steep little hill to Magnolia Street.

Runners will continue up Magnolia Street and follow the path to the Paradise Valley Aid Station #11. Mile 19.35 and make a loop at the turn around to return toward the finish line.  Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided.   Outdoor Restrooms are also located at this aid station.  

The return trip follows the river downstream, once again passing the Morad Park aid station. (Now Mile 20.6)

On the way back to the finish line, Runners will again pass First Street Aid station #9.  Now Mile 22.5, which is also Relay Exchange Point #4.

After Aid Station #9, runners will cross 1st street and turn LEFT at the Platte River Parkway and travel northwest.  Runners will go up a small incline.  At the top of the incline runners will continue on the path making a right as it turns east along West Yellowstone Highway.

Continuing the return path on the Platte River Parkway path, you will approach the Tate Pumphouse Trail Center to Aid Station #12 at Mile 24. Fruit, GU, Water and Gatorade are provided.   Outdoor Restrooms are also located at this aid station.  

Continuing on the path East, runners will pass the White Water Park and continue east towards 1st Street in Casper.

Fun Fact:  There is also an oil derrick that celebrates the Natrona County oil and gas industry. Oil and gas production generated the growth of Casper and Natrona County when the famous Salt Creek oil field opened in the 1880s. The infamous Teapot Dome Oil Reserve Field, 30 miles north of Casper, was Central to a national scandal during President Harding's Administration in 1922. This oil derrick is located across the river from the former site of Amoco refinery. After crossing underneath South Poplar Street along the Platte River, make sure to look for sculptures along the bank area and the fisherman statue mid-river.

Another crossing of the Platte River just past Jonah Bank you will ascend the path to 1st Street, crossing the bridge on 1st Street and rejoining the Platte River Parkway path.  Runners will now be traveling north along the Platte River Parkway path heading towards the Parkway Plaza Hotel & Convention Center. at Mile 25.15     ONLY 1 Mile Left to GO!!!!!  Again, following the Platte River Parkway crossing the bridge on F Street, past the Ramada Inn of Casper, Runners will be approaching the FINISH LINE which is located at Mike Lansing field.

Now it is time to put in that extra effort knowing that the finish line is in sight.  Once crossing the finish line, it is time to relax, smile and know that you did it.  CONGRATULATIONS ON A RUN WELL DONE!