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Fascinating Facts:

> The antelope is the fastest land mammal in the world, with sprinting capabilities as fast as 60 mph and sustained speeds of 30 mph for miles! Although the African Cheetah is often credited with being the fastest, it is only a sprinter with endurance of a few hundred yards. No other land mammal can keep up with the pronghorn antelope over a long distance.

> The eyes of an antelope are nothing short of exceptional. They can pick up movement as far as three miles away. The eyes are located far back on the head so they can keep watch even while the head is down during feeding. Since the prairie offers little cover in which to hide, it needs to be able to outrun any predators that manage to sneak within striking range.

> Pronghorn antelope will flare out the white hairs on their rumps when alarmed, serving as warning to the other members of the herd.

> Antelope are not jumpers. When it encounters a fence an antelope will usually crawl under it! They seldom jump over one.

> The horn sheath of the antelope is shed annually. It is neither solely an antler nor horn, but part both.​

> About 40% of the females have horns, but they don't get any longer than their ears and never fork.


It is thought that the pronghorn antelope may have been more numerous on the Great Plains of North American than the American Bison. Today an estimated one million antelope survive, with the majority of herds existing in Wyoming and Montana. In fact, nearly 75% of antelope live within a 150 mile radius of Casper, Wyoming (source: Casper Convention & Visitor's Bureau).

To Casperites the sight of an antelope herd (a solitary antelope is unusual) grazing in the prairie or racing alongside the road is a common sight. However, we realize that the others are not so lucky to witness these amazing animals on a regular basis. So enjoy your stay in Casper and may your antelope sightings be plentiful. Hopefully a herd of racing antelope will inspire your marathon pace!

So what's up with the Antelope (a.k.a. Pronghorn)?

Thanks to Naturalist Jim Mason of the Great Plains Nature Center 

inWichita, Kansas for allowing the use of his content which follows.

For more information please visit Jim's Pronghorn page..


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